Maryland State Tigers Youth Development, Inc.

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Christopher A. Glass, a loving father, committed coach and social innovator in public service and educational reform. Chris is the Founder and Managing Director of Maryland State Tigers Youth Development Inc. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in working with children and families in public school districts and local communities, Chris decided to create an organization to redefine the experience of young student athletes in providing a highly structured youth development program designed for the whole child’s growth and development. In creating a community learning environment, Chris realized the sense of urgency in connecting the family, the school and the community in working together for the investment in our 21st century student learners.

Realizing the true value in relationships and the power in working with individuals, Chris was able to purse his goal of providing access to a safe and supportive learning environment that engages children with a high interest to achieve more in academics and athletics. With one shared vision, one shared mission and one shared goal, Chris was able to gain the interest of committed like minded individuals with a growth mindset of innovation in proving youth development services.

Former colligate student athlete and district level school leader, Chris was able to tour the country and attend educational school leadership and school reform conferences, consult with representatives from professional sports organizations, work with city counsel and local councilmembers. The experience gained from networking in diverse settings allowed Chris to created a tool to equip children using a holistic model for academic and athletic excellence for the advancement in education and creating lifelong learners.

Acknowledging the impact on environmental factors and addressing the need for out of school time programing, Chris is a committed community leader working to create a better tomorrow for all with the investment in the lives of our young children.

A loving father to Avery Glass and a prideful family man of nine siblings. Chris leads MD State Tigers Inc. with a family centered supportive learning environment.